Precautions for maintaining the folder gluer

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The folder gluer is mainly used in the packaging box processing process. It is a machine that folds the printed and die-cut cardboard and glues it together. The folder gluer is divided into paper feeding part, pre-folding part, hook bottom part, forming part and box pressing part. According to the function, the box gluer is divided into the smooth glue box gluer, the hook bottom gluer, etc. The general box gluer does not have the groove bottom function or even the pre-folding, and the better one is with the pre-folding.




Regarding the maintenance and maintenance of the folder-gluer, the following points need to be paid attention to:


  1. To keep the folder gluer clean, it needs to be cleaned frequently.
  2. Wipe the mechanical belt with clean water to keep it clean and prevent slipping, especially to prevent it from sticking to the belt. The glue wheel and glue box on the bottom of the hook must be cleaned after get off work every day, otherwise the glue in the glue box will freeze and affect the glueing effect.
  3. The glue box of the gluing part of this fold should be kept clean and clean and frequently scrubbed.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the speed when the governor is stopped, otherwise the belt wear will be severe.
  5. The inner row plate supports, shafts, and rods should be cleaned frequently. It is better to use a mixture of lubricating oil and butter. It can shake left and right to prevent rust.
  6. It is best to drive slowly before turning on the machine and check whether there are any abnormalities in the machine.


Improper maintenance and maintenance of the folder-gluer can easily cause problems such as mechanical rust and slow operation. So be sure to check regularly.