In fact, what are the main problems of the laminating machine in the market

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The automatic laminating machine was introduced to the market in China since 1995. At that time, due to the complexity of the new equipment, the complicated parts and components, and the number of structural parts that need to be adjusted, it is very difficult for installers, maintenance personnel and operators. The technical requirements are high, so the domestic market share is very low.

With the rapid development of the domestic packaging industry in the later stage, technical problems in this area still exist, technical problems have been resolved in response, and some new operational and technical problems have also arisen. Existing problems.

The core part of the automatic laminating machine-introduction to paper feeding equipment

Some problems that often exist in assembling paper machines at present:

1. The speed of the major surface is not high. One of the factors affecting the speed is the paper laminating machine that uses the push gauge to convey the surface paper. When the speed is high, the push gauge will have a great impact on the surface paper. In this case, the paper will not be transported smoothly. Problems such as accumulation of tissues.

2. The assembly precision problem. At present, the assembly precision of most machines is only 1.5mm, and the highest precision of foreign machines can reach 0.5mm; and this precision is already very different from the accuracy requirements of printing. This layout paper Accuracy, even the best printing effect, after such a combination, also loses the original effect.

3. Degumming, staining, poor pasting, permeation and other phenomena, the amount of glue will affect the quality after bonding. The effect of bonding will directly affect the quality after bonding. The amount of glue is insufficient. Then the bonding is not reliable, the amount of glue is too large, and the insertion will cause the glue to overflow and become dirty.

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