How to debug the folder gluer

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 1. Carefully check the work order and samples, determine the box glue used, and prepare them.

2. Adjust the width of the baffles to be glued. The two ends should be parallel, and the semi-finished color box to be produced has just been put down. The side baffles at both ends are less than 1mm away from the color box, and then adjust the restraining bolts to ensure that each product to be pasted passes smoothly. And the phenomenon of no fetters appears.

3. Adjust the slope and height of the brackets in the box to be glued so that the products to be glued can move forward smoothly without fetters. Adjust the auxiliary guide rails and runners after pressing. Make it suitable for the size of the color box to be pasted.

4. Adjust the box-gluing belt and the box-gluing guide, and then adjust the pressure of the box-gluing host and the wheels to match the belt.

5. Adjust the glue tank, and check whether the glue in the glue tank is enough. The amount of glue should be immersed 80% of the rubber wheel, and then adjust the glue tank and the glue direction.

6. Turn on the power switch, the main motor switch and the key points of vibration. After the machine is adjusted, press the "Run" or "Inch" button, and press the "Paper" button to debug the machine, and check whether the machine functions are abnormal. Any tilt should be corrected immediately.

7. After debugging ok, test 5-10 pieces of the machine first, and adjust the speed of the machine after confirming the orientation and forming specifications.

8. When gluing the box, pay attention to the paper feeding state of the box. It cannot be over-line, offline or misplaced, so as not to affect the appearance and forming effect of the color box.

9. First article recognition: strictly follow the first article signing method.

10. At the end of production, clean up the machine and keep it clean

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