What the advantages of importing Folder Gluer Machine

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Domable Folder Gluer Machine is more favorable, and the price of Imports Folder Gluer Machine will be expensive. However, in terms of quality and performance, there is still a big gap between the domestic folder and the import folder. Importing Folder Gluer Machine has the following advantages:


1 Box type adaptability


The function of domestic Folder gluer is relatively single, and it can only adapt to one or two general box types, and basically can only produce common square boxes at present. Therefore, imported Folder gluer can adapt to more diversified box types, such as hexagonal boxes, octagonal boxes and shaped boxes, etc.

2 Scalability and flexibility

Imported Folder gluer are more scalable and adopt modular design, so users can add corresponding functional modules or parts to the Folder gluer according to the specific conditions of the products without modifying the structure of the machine, which is highly flexible. For example, some Folder gluer can only do ordinary linear boxes or lock bottom boxes, so if you need to add other functions, it is more difficult and you have to modify the structure of the machine.

3 Stability

In terms of stability, imported Folder gluerare also superior to domestic Folder gluer, which have a higher failure rate. Therefore, many packaging printers who choose domestic equipment generally have multiple domestic Folder gluer to avoid affecting normal production and delaying delivery due to machine maintenance.

4 Folder gluer speed

The normal production speed of Folder gluer can reach 450m/min or 500m/min, and the highest can even reach 650m/min.

5 Degree of automation

In terms of automation, the domestic Folder gluer is not comparable to the imported Folder gluer. For example, when a product is finished and replaced with another product of a different box type, the adjustment of the domestic Folder gluer is troublesome and basically done by hand, which is time-consuming and laborious. Imported gluers, on the other hand, are automatically controlled and can show the specific values on the display.

As for the degree of automation of the Folder gluer, the labor cost is higher in foreign countries, therefore, foreign users have more prominent requirements for the degree of automation of the Folder gluer, and the high degree of automation of the equipment means that the number of employees can be reduced and the cost can be saved. This is not the case in China, where the labor cost is relatively cheap. Therefore, domestic users do not pay much attention to the automation degree of Folder gluer, which is one of the factors restricting the development of domestic Folder gluer.

6 Operability

In terms of operability, the imported Folder gluer is easier and more humanized than the domestic Folder gluer, while the domestic Folder gluer is worse in humanized design and seems to be more "dull". Many carton Folder gluer manufacturers and users think that as long as they can ensure the normal operation of the machine, everything will be fine, and little consideration is given to the humanization aspect.

7 Service life

The service life of domestic Folder gluer is not as long as that of imported Folder gluer, mainly because the materials and processing technology used in domestic Folder gluer are a bit behind than those used abroad.
Although there is still a big gap between the domestic gluer and the imported gluer, the domestic gluer has better adaptability to paper. The quality of paper used abroad is better, while the quality of domestic paper is poorer, so the domestic automatic Folder gluer can adapt to a wider range of paper.