Common problems of folder gluer belt in packaging and printing

Publish Time: Author: Site Editor Visit: 2027

You will encounter those common problems during the operation of the Automatic Folder Gluer Machine!


1. The belt is easy to fall off
It may be caused by the belt bell mouth, deviation or belt slack. At this time, you should find out the cause and deal with it in time. For example, belt deviation can be solved by adjusting the roller or adjusting the roller group; belt slack can be solved by adjusting the driving wheel and the follower. Move the wheel or add a tension wheel to solve.


2. The belt is broken
High speed and shifting speed will cause the belt to be stressed, the belt is too long or too short, the force will be uneven and the load will be large, and the belt will be broken when the material is used for a long time. The belt should be checked and replaced regularly, and the speed and shift Adjust the speed properly and adjust the belt tension properly.


3. The paper feed direction is not correct
This requires adjusting the position of the paper stopper and equalizing the pressure of each part, which can be handled with the experience of the box-gluer captain.


4. Easy to form a bell mouth
This is a comprehensive problem, which should be paid attention to from the die-cutting stage. However, if the equipment can be specially designed in the origami section, such as the angle of the knife origami, the problem can be easily solved. The length from the paper feeding part to the folding part can make paper feeding a gradual process and make the box shape more regular.


5. The glue is not strong
You can check the amount of glue applied. If it is a carton with UV varnish, you need to install a polishing device on the equipment, and the bonding part can be properly bonded by roughing it.


6. The surface of the printed product is scratched
This is related to whether or not iron wire is used in origami, especially small boxes are often difficult to crease with belts, and iron wires can easily scratch the surface. It can be used for small paper boxes such as small boxes with combs used daily in hotels. Leather brings creases.