The development trend of automatic folder gluer

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1. Versatility and mobility
From the perspective of international market share, linear boxes account for about 60%, lock-bottom boxes account for about 30%, hexagonal boxes, octagonal boxes, and special-shaped boxes account for about 10%, and the proportion of linear boxes is declining. The proportion is gradually increasing. At present, the Chinese packaging market still generally uses standard linear boxes. With the acceleration of economic globalization and the intensification of market competition, consumers and packaging users have higher and higher requirements for packaging boxes. In order to increase the added value of products, the box design of packaging boxes has become increasingly diversified. Some advanced automatic The demand for bottom-locking color boxes is also increasing, including toy boxes, wine boxes, and medicine boxes. This kind of complicated box type generally cannot be effectively produced by manual or simple box gluer.

2. High speed and high productivity
As a color box supplier, whether it can provide immediate production and immediate supply has become a prerequisite for customers' choice. On-time delivery, providing a sufficient number of cartons in the shortest time will help to obtain orders. It is required that the folder-gluer must be easy to adjust and have a high production speed. Of course, stability is also indispensable, because the manufacturer needs to be in a state of being ready for production at any time.

3. Adapt to the production of small batch packaging boxes
At present, there are more and more short version jobs, and small batch glue box is mainly relying on manual in China. If the automatic glue box machine can make a breakthrough in small batch production in the future, it will be more conducive to the promotion and application of the automatic glue box machine.

4. Improve the degree of automation
As the entire printing industry is moving towards tighter deadlines, shorter operating cycles, more job conversions and the need to reduce set preparation time, post-press equipment manufacturers are also facing increasing pressure. The higher the degree of automation of the automatic folder-gluing machine, the lower the dependence on the operator, and at the same time, it can improve production efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of the operator. In terms of operability, it will become more and more humanized, embodying the "people-oriented" design concept.

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