What is a Pre-fold & Lock Bottom Folder Gluer?

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The Pre-fold & Lock Bottom Folder Gluer is a professional-grade paper box manufacturing tool that can automatically realize the assembly and closing of paper boxes after printing and cutting, and improve production efficiency efficiently and quickly. The equipment is equipped with multiple key components, such as the paper feeding part, the folding part and the gluing part, which together constitute a precise and rigorous fully automated production line to ensure that the paper box production task is completed with high precision.

The main functions and features of the  Crash Lock Bottom Folder Gluer:

1.Efficient production: This equipment can automatically and efficiently produce, improve production efficiency and meet batch requirements.
2.Multifunctional configuration: Suitable for a variety of paper box types and sizes, such as straight boxes, bottom-lock boxes, four-corner boxes, etc., flexible response.
3.Accurate and error-free: The use of cutting-edge control systems and precision mechanical structures ensures that each step is accurate and error-free to ensure the quality of the final product. 
4.Convenient operation: Humanized interface design, easy settings and adjustments, and reduced operator skill requirements.
5.Stable and reliable: Made of high-quality materials and advanced technology, the equipment runs stably, has a low failure rate, and is easy to maintain.


The working process of the Crash Lock Bottom Folder Gluer:
Feeding: Feed the sheet (usually pre-printed cardboard) into the machine.
Pre-folding: The cardboard is preliminarily folded through the pre-folding device.
Gluing: Apply glue at the specified position of the cardboard.
Bottom locking: The bottom of the carton is locked and formed through a special bottom locking device.
Final folding: Complete all folding steps to form the carton.
Lamination: Ensure firm bonding and correct shape through the lamination device.
Output: The finished carton is output and neatly stacked or directly enters the subsequent packaging proces

The Pre-fold & Lock Bottom Folder Gluer  plays a vital role in the packaging industry. Its high efficiency, precision and diversity have greatly improved the efficiency of the production line and product quality. Through precise mechanical control, the machine can ensure the quality of paper box forming and bonding strength. Compared with manual folder gluing, it can significantly improve production efficiency and reduce costs.