What is a folder gluer machine?

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The folder gluer machine is a production line packaging automation equipment that focuses on folding flat cardboard into boxes and applying glue to produce paper boxes or cartons. It includes functional modules such as conveyor belt, folding machine, glue coating and pressing. Its powerful production efficiency meets the conversion needs of cardboard to finished boxes.

Working principle of folder gluer machine:

After the box-gluing machine is started, the conveyor belt drives the die-cut semi-finished paper boxes to the set paper feeding and detection position. If the paper boxes have been surface-treated by lamination, glazing, etc., the inner edge should be glued by the glue gun. Then, the paper boxes are conveyed to the box-gluing position for pressurized packaging to complete the gluing process.

Application areas of folder gluer machine:

The folder gluer machine is an automatic packaging production line equipment that can automatically complete the paper folding and gluing process to generate various boxes or packages. It has a wide range of applications, including the following fields:
1. Food and beverage industry: Folder gluer machine are mainly used to manufacture food and beverage packaging boxes, such as card boxes, gift boxes, cake boxes, etc. Suitable for packaging chocolate, candy, tea, biscuits and other foods and beverages.
2. Pharmaceutical and health products: Folder gluer machine are specially designed to provide medicine boxes, packaging boxes, health product boxes, etc. for the pharmaceutical industry. Such boxes need to meet high-standard safety and hygiene requirements, and folder gluer machine can achieve this efficiently.
3. Cosmetic and personal care products: Cosmetic and skin care products have high requirements for exquisite packaging. Folder gluer machine can produce various cosmetic boxes, perfume boxes, soap boxes, etc. to meet product packaging needs.
4. Electronic products: Folder gluer machine can produce electronic product packaging boxes such as mobile phone boxes, tablet boxes, and headphone boxes to meet different size requirements.
5. Toys and gifts: Folder gluer machine can produce various gift boxes, toy boxes, holiday gift boxes, etc. to attract consumers' attention.

Folder gluer machine provide humanized production services with automated production, efficiency improvement and cost reduction, ensuring high-quality and consistent product packaging. These machines can adapt to various sizes and quickly and accurately generate packaging boxes according to production needs to meet market demand. In addition, folder gluers also help save raw materials and reduce scrap rates, making a positive contribution to environmental protection and sustainable development.